Open Hearts

20161013_173657The pressure behind my eyes has caused a constant headache. The phlegm in my throat has negated my ability to speak. The overall ache in my body has left me lethargic. I have been sick and that is a very poor thing to be when traveling alone. The thought itself makes me tremble: seemingly wasting away without the comforting presence of another and knowing that if I don’t keep fighting no one will do it for me. As circumstances would have it, I escaped that fate. My friend from Yosemite, Chris, and his family generously welcomed me into their home and have taken me in as one of their own. I don’t think I can properly find the words to express my gratitude to his family and him but this is my attempt.

Thank you. Thank you for the physical warmth and the shelter but also for the warmth that radiates from care and love. Thank you for the food and nourishment even when I don’t ask for it. I appreciate it greatly however, I am still learning how to receive such incredible hospitality.Thank you for having vibrant spirits. Learning about your life stories inspire me and further fuel my belief in human kind. Thank you.
UPDATE: My preparation for the American Discovery Trail is going nicely! I am slowly acquiring all the appropriate gear and then with a little over two months away I will begin walking across the United States!


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