Walk Across the United States

January 10, 2017, I embarked on my journey walking across the United States. I followed the American Discovery Trail on the southern route until I reached Denver. There I paved my own way with google maps and the advice from locals until I reached the Pacific Ocean at Bodega Bay, CA. September 21, 2017, a little over eight months later, I finished with 3,300 miles under my belt.

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” -John Muir

This journey provided me with the opportunity to witness and experience the world around me in the purest way possible, on foot. Here’s the big question, Why? Why did I want to walk across the country on foot? My answer, why not? My list of responsibilities was the smallest it may ever be and I wanted to learn more about myself. One of the main questions that I developed along the way was, “How do I help people help themselves?” Now, I’m seeking out that answer.

Click the links below to read about my adventures in each state:

Delaware/Maryland   West Virginia   Ohio   Indiana   Illinois   Missouri   Kansas   Colorado   Utah   Nevada   California